1. Janina San Miguel’s Unforgettable “Confidence”

It’s not quite a complete article without Janina’s memorable answer. Ironically her “confidence” gave her the jitters. But you’ve got to hadn it to her, she still won the spot as Binibining Pilipinas World 2008.

Q: “What role did your family play to you as candidate to Binibining Pilipinas?”
A: “Well, my family’s role for me is so important because there was the wa- they’re, they was the one who’s very (laughs). Oh I’m so sorry. Um, my family, my family. Oh my god. I’m… Ok, I’m so sorry. I, I told you that I’m so confident… Eto, um, wait… (laughs). Um, sorry guys because this was really my first pageant ever because I’m only 17 years old and (laughs) I, I did not expect that I came from, I came from one of the top 10. Hmmm, so… but I said that my family is the most important persons in my life. Thank you.”