Welcome to the real world, honey! Where weekly allowances from your parents don’t exist and living off cafeteria food and cheap treats everyday is acceptable. Gone are the days wherein your parents are going to pick you up anywhere you are. You are an independent woman now and you are in charge of all your life choices.

Fast forward to your first pay check! Wow, right? But you can’t spend all that on just one go. You have to budget that and let it last until the next pay day. If possible, you have to set aside part of that for your savings. This part of the adult life can be quite tough, we hope that these tips can help you out and make adulthood a little bit easier.


1. Set your weekly allowance


Pretend like you are still in school. Set your budget for the day. Make sure that your budget is just enough for your fare or gas and food. Don’t set an extra budget for the little things. Every peso counts and you wouldn’t want to waste your money on something petty and serves no purpose. Pretending like you’re living day to day.