One of the hardest things to do in a personal space is to do an overhaul and sticking to a theme. While personal spaces should be personalized and speak of its owner, decorating a space with a certain theme in mind can be quite tricky especially if you’re not sure what pieces to add in. Here’s a brief guide to five decor themes and how to style your interiors:

1. Minimalist

Many would think that a minimalist-monochromatic space would be the easiest to design but it can actually be the trickiest. It can be quite limiting to play up with design pieces and furniture if the color palette only allows black, white and grey. But the trick to creating variation despite the limitation is by playing up with texture.

072516 Giorgina - Minimalist dECOR

Essential pieces:
Basic pieces: The foundation of every minimalist space would be basic and solid pieces. They take up the biggest room in the area.
Contrast with glass: It’s hard to play around with colors because minimalist areas are usually limited to black, white and grey. A good way to break the blocks of color is by incorporating a glass furniture to the area. It involves no colors and is translucent enough to give the illusion of a bigger area.
Texture play of furniture: Avoid the look of a flat and bland space by injecting interesting pieces. If you are limited with color always play with texture
Statement pieces in theme: Usually statement pieces involve a op of color but you can always add statement pieces that is still in theme. A glass swing for example is a definite eye-opener but can still incorporate the colors of a minimalist area.

072516 Giorgina - Decor minimalist