Whatever the time of they year, highlighters are always relevant. From its vast demand from a few years back to its current permanent place in our daily makeup routines, there’s no denying that just about everyone needs and uses a highlighter. But with highlighters being constantly consumed and purchased by makeup junkies. it’s safe to say that they’ve been more critical about the glow that they apply on the cheekbones. So before whipping out the wallet and buying just any highlighter, take a walk down our list of our five must-have highlighters:

1. The Balm Mary-Lou Luminizer

The Balm’s Mary-Lou Luminizer has been a favorite of many beauty junkies. The texture at first may seem coarse but once applied, the particles are actually quite fine. The highlight is also very pigmented and perfect for light to medium skin-tones because there is a tint of flesh on the highlight instead of a full on white glow. Makeup gurus such as Jaclyn Hill and Jeffrey Star are also a fan of this highlighter.