We live in a humid environment, and it can’t be denied that walking around the city drenched in sweat won’t create the most fashion-forward makeup look. But if you dig a little deeper in the beauty industry, you’ll actually find makeup products that can make your makeup last all day. Here are a few products and hacks to help your makeup last the whole day:

1. Baking

No, this does not involve baking cookies. Baking is a totally different meaning when it comes to the beauty industry. Baking required you to apply concealer on the areas you want highlighted and be sweat-proof. After applying and blending the concealer, one must put an excessive amount of translucent powder on the concealed areas. Yes, pack on a crazy amount of powder! The more ridiculous, the better. Leave the powder to sit for 15 minutes, the natural temperature of your body will “bake” the powder in order for it to last all day. After 15 minutes, brush off the excess powder with a makeup brush. The end result is highlighted and powdered areas the won’t budge even if you start sweating!

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