Makeup as they say is a form of art, it embraces the freedom to express oneself without restriction. But in the rampant world of the makeup industry, like anything else, there are trends and holy grail products. It’s a pretty sight until makeup beginners have the hardest time trying to replicate what they see online or in magazines. But there’s actually a quick fix and trick to make your makeup selfie-ready and on-point. It’s all about adding an extra step or a quick fix to the typical makeup routine. Here are five easy hacks to help you out:

1. Add Highlighter Or A Lighter Shade To Your Lipstick

A quick trick to make your lipstick more dimensional is by adding a lighter shade in the center. Unless you aren’t aiming for Angelina Jolie or Kylie Jenner lips, this trick will give you fuller-looking lips. Simply apply lipstick as you normally should but leave a space on the center of your upper and lower lips. Either lightly dust some highlighter or a lighter shade of lipstick, blend it in with the darker shade by pressing your lips together. Note that it is important that the shade of the lipstick applied on the center of the lips must be lighter as it will give the illusion that the light bounces more on the plumpiest portion of the lips which should be the center. Another great addition is to dab some highlighter on your cupid’s bow, instant plump!