Who doesn’t need to de-stress nowadays? It seems that everyday is a hustle at work and coming home is a chance to unwind. Plopping on the bed is one way to completely drain out the fatigue, but another way is to create an ambience of relaxation. A simple and effortless way is by burning scented candles; aroma therapy uses scented candles as one of its prime components to exude relaxation. We recommend five of these scents to fill your space and home with pleasing notes of flowers or fruits.

1. Jo Malone’s Red Roses

To exude the aura of a candlelit dinner, Jo Malone’s Red Roses candle fits the void. From the name itself, you could expect a scent of flowery roses with deep notes of violet leaves. Jo Malone also injects a hint of lemon to add a bit of spike to the sensual and mellow scent.

052316 Giorgina - Scented Candles Jo Malone Red Roses

Photo Credit: JoMalone.com