There has been an unspoken pressure among women to look a certain way, it’s a hovering form of labeling that has consumed many women throughout the decades. But in the recent years, the movement towards body-positivity has been more prevalent. Just after women’s month, Avon Fashions launched its latest line of Intimate Apparel that is inclusive of women’s different body shapes: petite, curvy, athletic and plus.

The event, held at One Canvas Events Place last May 11, showcased and relayed the different struggles of women of different body shapes and how they were able to gain confidence and comfort with the right undergarments. Here are four takeaways from Avon’s “Confidence Is The New Sexy”:

1. Everyone Has Their Own Physical Insecurities

Ironically, most women wish for a certain body type. We often gush over a specific look we want to adhere to. But each woman, no matter what body type posses her own set of insecurities. Caisa Borromeo, representing the athletic body type during the event shared how she’s been mistaken as a man before because of her body shape. While Marrone Cruz, representing the petite body type reveals she’s been mistaken as a child, an intern and (jokingly) a surfboard her whole life. No matter what body shape we hope for, insecurities will always linger.

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