Everyone knows that Metro Manila, being the Metropolis of the country, is jam-packed with innovate restaurants and cafes. From impressive interiors to appetizing dishes, these four cafes are worth the road trip to a less congested destination and one that offers a stunning view.

1. Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe + Bed & Breakfast, Tagaytay


You may never have thought that you’d find a Coachella replica in the Philippines but Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe + Bed and Breakfast sure changes the game. Filled with dream catchers, artwork and fairy lights, the cafe is the perfect Instagrammable spot to spend time with friends. Although you’ll have to wait until you reach home to uploaf the photos because the cafe is intentionally a wifi-free zome, they encourage you to connect with each other by disconnecting from the web! For the health conscious, their menu is straight up your alley. The owners are heavily invested in a healthy diet and incorporate it in their menu. There’s not a dull space in the cafe, filled with color and statement art in each corner, Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe + Bed & Breakfast isn’t just a feast for the belly, it’s also a feast for the eyes.

070116 Giorgina - Tagaytay 1

070116 Giorgina - Tagaytay 2

070116 Giorgina - Tagaytay 3

070116 Giorgina - Tagaytay 4

Photo Credit: leftoverjix.com