Gone are the days when flamboyant ballroom gowns with massive petticoats have reigned over formal events, today minimalist attires and sleek ensembles are the way to go. It isn’t so much about the sequins and patterns that go on the dress but structure and simplicity that a gown or outfit exudes. Of course, keep in mind the dress code, we wouldn’t want to offend those who invited us. But with specific gatherings and events, gowns don’t necessarily have to be the only option. With the June prepping up June brides for a list of weddings to attend, here are three ensembles to pull off without going the traditional route of ballroom gowns and excessive fabric:

1. Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are a great alternative to gowns when it comes to formal events, especially dinner parties or fashion shows. If you’re unsure how to style a jumpsuit, pick a safe structure and color. Accessorize with stappy heels, a clutch bag and a statement necklace. Wide-legged bottoms for the jumpsuit gives more of a statement and flow to the outfit as opposed to a skinny-legged jumpsuit.