Every year, the Aboitiz Group snags in the most innovative design and fashion students to hold the annual Aboitiz Green Fashion Revolution in celebration of Earth Day. It has been a yearly movement to celebrate fashion in a sustainable light. With the heavy influence of fast-fashion on the culture and trends, Aboitiz changed the game by showing that fashion can be green. This year, three universities showcased their designs made out of sustainable materials, and it was to say the least, a fashion showdown. They incorporated this year’s theme of “Life Flourishing On Land And In Water”. From denims to nature-inspired collections, take a peek at the unique creations that scream fashion without the hint of using only sustainable materials:

1. De La Salle-College Of St. Benilde

De La Salle-College of St. Benilde opted for the classic and never out-of-trend denim. Raising awareness that 6/10 denim clothing items bought are actually collecting dust in cabinets rather than seeing the light of day, the played with structure and cuts using only denim. The head-to-toe jean look was a medley of denim patchwork. Texture was achieved through the play of length and distressing. Even the footwear was an ode to the denim craze. De La Salle College of St. Benilde earned the 1st Runner-up spot with their design.