There is an irony that goes around in the dating world, we have to be ourselves (given this is why they want to take us out on a date) but we have to put our best foot forward. That means a hyper alert sense of everything we do and say, which can ultimately distract us from actually enjoying the date. It seems that balancing being comfortable about yourself and attempting to be your most presentable self is a task in itself, enjoying the date is a whole other thing. We obviously can’t read minds (but how awesome would it be if we could), but guys are quite simple when it comes to their expectations about their date. It’s not rocket science or a real-life version of Inception, it’s all about being aware without being too conscious. Try turning off the chick-flick for a while and listen to suggestions and pointers guys we surveyed actually had to say. Here are ten things to jot down before you dine in and pucker up:

1. Improper Hygiene (Come on, this is given)

Hopefully this isn’t something that any lady unconsciously brings around because this is just basic self-care. But improper hygiene isn’t only limited to body odor, it can also mean bad breath. It’s a necessity to be aware of this because a good conversation can be ruined by an unspoken (but heavily smelling) factor. Freshening up before a meal a.k.a. cleaning your hands or even spritzing a few pumps of alcohol won’t harm you either.