Today, many women are rising up the corporate ladder. Being promoted at work is one of the most gratifying experiences an employee can ever have. It is a self-esteem and ego booster that shows you that you are doing a good job and your work at the office is greatly appreciated.

There is probably nothing that is more frustrating than being passed up when there are promotions at your workplace. This could leave you bitter and unmotivated, and will most likely have negative effects on your work. Below are twelve common reasons why many ladies (or men) are not promoted at their workplaces.

Most of them are obstacles that can be overcome given you a higher chance of getting the promotion you so desire. A few are beyond your control but can be overcome through patience.

1. Habitual Tardiness

There is no habit more annoying to a supervisor than being late in the office. However good your excuses are, tardiness is never acceptable in the workplace as this means wasted time that could have been used for more productive activities in the office. Being a habitual late comer, paints a bad picture with your superiors who will see you as an unreliable employee. To avoid this, ensure that you leave home for work in good time factoring in traffic and unforeseen events like LRT/MRT breakdown, vehicle stoppage, sudden rain downpour and the like. Also, be organized so as to minimize time wasted getting ready to get to work.

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