It’s not always a walk in the park to pick someone we’d want to be in a relationship with, let alone have our crush like us back. But that doesn’t mean that we’re just going to settle for any guy, because we have what we call standards. Unfortunately, not just any guy will be someone that would fit our personality.

But to our barkada, saying no to a date or guy means you’re being “choosy,” and while it can be considered a joke, sometimes it does get annoying when our friends tell us, “Ang choosy mo”. So for those fed up with being labelled “choosy,” here are 10 witty responses you can say.


“Bawal magka-standards?”

If they make a joke about you being choosy then throw a joke right back at them by saying, “Bawal magka-standards?” Because who says you have to go for the first guy you see on Tinder, right?

You have a type and you have standards; there’s nothing wrong with following them through. After all, it’s your heart that’s at risk here.