“Mumsh, 2018 na! Naka-move on ka na ba?” You must have heard this from your friends numerous times now, and girl, sometimes you just want to grab their hair and choke them to death – syempre, char lang. But I know how tiring it is to hear this question every single day, maybe because you look sad or you posted something intriguing on Twitter, or they will tease you with it when you look extra beautiful that day.

Someone would always find the right timing to trigger you with that generic question, but you can’t lose your head because you are one, strong, independent woman – ganern dapat! So here’s some witty responses you can say when they ask you that, use at your own discretion.


“Oo, eh ikaw ba?”

What goes around comes back around, nga daw diba? So let your friend have a taste of his/her medicine. Be careful with your tone though, just be sarcastic and laugh it off – we don’t want any serious beef to happen between you two.

Damay damay tayo dito, beshie! You can’t be the only one in the group having ‘heart’ problems so let’s pass the hat around and see where it fits. Bawal pikon!