“Hey there sexy!”

Seriously, are we receiving compliments or just being catcalled? Victims of catcalling and street harassment are all over the city. Whether that is hoots, hisses, whistles or sexual allusion, cat calling can be inappropriate, daunting and even threatening. It annoys women in many ways. Even when they are not wearing revealing clothes, they are being harassed by other guy’s hungry eyes. But let’s be real, most of us simply walk past these catcallers and just imagine possible revengeful responses we could’ve done.


These are ten responses you wish you could’ve done to catcallers (if you had the guts to):

1. Wishing You Had All Ninja Moves

Who wouldn’t wish they had ninja moves to give the catcaller a taste of their own medicine? Give them a little bit of Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee for the ultimate ninja-combo. Because in the first place, you believe about female empowerment. But in the end, you would just end up walking past them.