We all had that one date in our lifetime that we don’t want to remember – ever!

For some reason, things just don’t always work out. Being set-up on a date with a total stranger isn’t all that bad, but is it worth your precious time? Maybe yes, if you haven’t really gone out in a while. Let’s face it, there’s really no harm in putting yourself out there – who knows you might end up finding Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now.

However, going out on a date with someone you turn out not liking is a total nightmare! Unfortunately, you can’t just wake-up from it. You either go with the flow, or get yourself out.

To help you plan your dating escape plan, here’s a rundown of the best excuses you can use to get out of the hell-hole.

1. There’s an emergency at home and my mom’s asking for help.


Family is always on top of everyone’s priority. Plus, telling him that it’s your mom who’s looking for you says a lot. Who knows what comes after she counts to three?

If ever he insists that you stay, you can just top this alibi with another alibi- oh, you wouldn’t want another World War! Mom’s always the best!