For the modern generation, relationships are more open and many girls have taken roles that were once dominated by men. Dating and going out on special dates, for example, used to be one of those things left for men to worry about. It was the guy who would find ways of, either directly or indirectly asking her out.

However, this has quickly changed and it is no longer unusual or weird for a girl to ask a guy she is interested in out for a date. Nonetheless, there are several things that still hold us back as girls. First of all, you do not want to look cheap or desperate as this is the number one guy interest that men want to determine and stay away from girls who do not pass the test. It is therefore important to find special ways of inviting him out without looking like an escort or just another cheap girl.

Here are 10 ways to invite on a date your dream guy without being cheap.

1. Prepare Your Mind

This is the first important step of asking a guy out on a date without looking totally weird. It is often the burden of guys to ask girls out and the reverse makes them feel quite relaxed and loved. However, you should do this like a classy girl. You should not be afraid or feel intimidated and the only way to prevent this is through preparation. Accept that he might respectfully say “no” as this will relieve you of the pain and guilt when it happens.

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