10 Underrated Places You Have To Visit This 2018

10. Fortune Island – Nasugbu, Batangas

We are going to Greece!

But, nope we are not going out of the country. All we need is bus, tricycle and a boat and ta-da! We’re in Greece.

Fortune Island is well known because of it’s likeness with Acropolis in Greece. The island was an abandoned resort and was then developed by the government of Batangas. You can go trekking on the lighthouse near the place, go on scuba diving and discover the world under the sea.

You see? There’s no need to go out of our country just to experience adventure and have your perfect picture taken. Well, I am not saying that it’s bad to go out of the country for your ‘bakasyon engrande’, but before you jump on that plane going to other countries, check out Philippines first, because we also have a lot to offer.

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