Beaches? Mountains? Infrastructures? Farms and plantations?

Name it, Philippines will surely have it.
Hailed as the Perla del Mar de Oriente (Pearl of the Orient Sea), this country has a lot more to offer. A lot of people (especially foreign tourists) compares the country with a paradise because of the breath taking views of each destination.

Before going on a trip abroad, why not try to explore our country first? Here are top 10 underrated destinations in the Philippines you should visit.

1. Tatlong Pulo – Jordan, Guimaras

Aside from their sweet mangoes, Guimaras has Tatlong Pulo. Named after the three island formations, Tatlong Pulo is an underrated hideaway for people who want to relax and be away from the stress of the Metro.

The beach have few beach huts with a picturesque scenery to make you calm. One more thing, delicious food will be cooked and served to you by a local host.