Love is a gift that we all want to experience, no matter what age, gender or social status you have. Some people might be shouting ‘walang forever’ around the streets whenever they see a happy couple. But one thing is for sure, deep in their hearts, they also want a relationship that would last long.


Nowadays, wherein this generation wants everything to be instant like instant money, instant fame and instant relationship, finding a partner that’s a keeper is one difficult task; so if you already found your ‘one’, make sure to cherish it until the end.

Here are 10 tips to make your relationship last long.

1. Trust

Trust is one of the main components of a long lasting and healthy relationship. Enough with the accusations like ‘may babae ka no?’ or ‘you don’t love me anymore’. Accusing them of being unfaithful to you is basically doubting them and the love they want to offer. I know it’s difficult to avoid worrying, I know you are afraid to lose him, but I think it’s high time to stop trust your partner and the love he is willing to give to you.