‘With great kain, comes great bilbil’

Holidays—our most favorite season where we can forget about everything and just enjoy all the food on the table: pasta, salad, barbecue, rice (lots of rice), lechon, leche flan… you name it, Filipinos will surely have it. Who can resist these mouth watering dishes?


And then right after the feast, there comes the price we all have to pay: weight gain.

Going back in shape will not be as easy as a blink of an eye, but as a friend, these seven piece of advice might greatly help you to be back in your skinny jeans and be ready to show off your curves for the summer (which is, by the way, just three months away from the Holiday Season).

1. Keep Eating

After a month full eating from time to time, skipping meals might be a difficult task to do and that will surely make you hungrier. So instead of undergoing this technique, learn to make yourself full with fewer calories.

Sticking with a healthier diet or eating program is one of best options to lose weight. You can eat every 2-3 hours but be mindful of the serving size. Make sure to take note of your calorie intake.