7. Drink water!

No, don’t laugh like that, because it’s actually very beneficial. Drinking 8 glasses of water is not much of a new advice, but water is more powerful than you think. Studies have proven that drinking water regularly can help balance body temperature, avoid constipation, maximize physical performance, and treat kidney stones. If you keep your body hydrated, tendencies of skin turgidity lessen.


Water can provide moisture to the skin that will ward off saggy skin, wrinkles, and fine lines. Keeping yourself hydrated will result to having clearer and more radiant skin.

Want to make it fun? That’s possible. You have probably heard of putting slices of lemon into water, and it’s very beneficial, too.

Lemon is very well known for its antioxidants that can detoxify the body. It can help in fighting acne, losing weight, preventing colds and flu, stimulating hair growth, and balancing the body’s pH level. In short, it’s good for you!