10 Tips For The Perfect Back-To-School Glo-Up

6. Choose to eat healthy

Tone down on the junk and fatty foods. We know it’s a little too difficult to let go of that bag of chips, but make sure you’re eating in moderation. Junk foods aren’t called “junk” for no reason. Apparently, junk foods are generally unhealthy. It is known to have high levels of calories but low levels of nutrients.

Also, junk foods tend to contain a huge amount of salt, sugar and fat. They are processed, which means they are processed and usually contain artificial flavorings and additives. They’re delicious, sure, but they aren’t really much that nutritious. Junk foods doesn’t provide enough nutrients that fuel your body enough to function.

So exchange those bags of chips and cans of sodas for slices of fruits and servings of vegetables for a better, well-balanced diet. Yes to healthy living!

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