Summer is about to end, and the first day of school is just around the corner. So much of the binge-watching and staying up all night (or no sleep at all), girl! It’s time to make a comeback (yes, just like your favorite K-Pop girl group if ever you stan K-Pop). And not just any normal comeback! You need to show off that glo-up! Better be radiant and ready to conquer the school with those killer royal visuals you possess. Believe me when I say this. You are beautiful, princess!

Worry not about those pimples and eyebags (if ever you acquired them from the sleepless nights). We have put together tips to help you regain the flawless, radiant skin.


1. Avoid staying up too late

As we’ve mentioned, summer is about to wrap up and the train to school is running full steam ahead. If you’ve been used to staying up late in the summer, then you better start readjusting that sleeping schedule again.

Aside from the dark circles under your eyes that are potential of forming, you’ll also be feeling and looking exhausted in class. Be sure to get that full 8-hour cycle of beauty sleep.