10. Her Grammys. That’s it

Taylor Swift had won 10 Grammys for a duration of 14 years in her career. She would not have won those ten if she was playing a game, would she? ‘Cos nope, she’s not in here for a game. Yet again, we are slayed. For every song that she releases, we are slayed without doubt.

We’ll enumerate it for you since you might not know about it. Or, you might have known about it, but we’d still list it down for you.

Album of the Year – Fearless
Best Female Country Vocal Performance – White Horse
Best Country Song – White Horse
Best Country Album – Fearless

Best Country Solo Performance – Mean
Best Country Song – Mean

Best Song Written For Visual Media – Safe & Sound (From The Hunger Games)

Best Music Video – Bad Blood
Best Pop Vocal Album – 1989
Album of the Year – 1989

There you have it. We are definitely slayed by the gorgeous two-time Album of the Year winner. Slay on, Slaylor!