From being crowned as the country pop princess to climbing up to claim her new pedestal as the pop queen, Taylor Swift knows how to rule over her own kingdom. The fearless queen was definitely destined for the great, big scene. For years, she had meticulously shaped her image and her persona into someone that the whole world would love (or sometimes hate, but not too much).

From mini stages to big domes, from a room full of spectators, to a whole stadium full of screaming fans, Taylor had taken up the tolls of fame, and well, we couldn’t deny how she owned every performance—or should we say slayed each one of them, and so earns the nickname Slaylor from her fans.

Without further ado, here are 10 perfect examples of how the Queen slayed us and proved her worth to the crown.

1. When the old Taylor couldn’t come to the phone. Why? ‘Cos she’s dead

Fans might have foreseen the coming of a new age a.k.a the brand new Taylor, but we simply couldn’t get over how Look What You Made Me Do did a complete 360 degrees shift in the axis. Tell me about an artist who dissed herself and addressed her haters because she knew what they were saying about her.

Tell me about an artist who became a zombie, bathed in diamonds, reigned over a legion of snakes, and gathered up all her past selves to make a mountain where the new her stands upon for her new music video.

Taylor Swift did that. We must admit that we have been slayed.