2. Interests and Priorities Do Matter

Interests and priorities have always mattered, but they are heightened by our 30s. Beforehand, everything was about finding ourselves so it makes sense to try different experiences with each other. From our teenage fays to our 20s we constantly strive to reach milestones and try new things together. These fresh instances constantly give the relationship an exerted thrill. But upon reaching 30s, it’s most likely that you know your personal interests and priorities. Whether it be traveling during the holidays or enjoy kicking back with a movie and hot chocolate on weekends, it’s important to know that your significant other would appreciate these activities too. While trying out new things will never fade, the adrenaline-rushing activities may be too much for our liking by the time we reach 30. So make sure that if not all, a majority of your interests as well priorities line up. It would be a constant struggle if your partner prioritizes work over his personal life while you have the opposite outlook.

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