Thirties are typically the time where one is expected to have their life together, may it be in career, financial stability or matters of love. There is heavy pressure for women in their 30s these days to have all the factors intact, unfortunately not everyone finds the right relationship by the time they reach the big 3-0. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, because each person has a unique timeline and journey. But entering a relationship in your 30s is much more different than enjoying one during your teens or even your 20s. There are different things to consider and take in mind. While we’re quite certain that a majority of these points are ones you are aware of, there may be a few that are worth considering too.

1. Your Approval Matters Most

When one enters a relationship in her teens, most of the time the friends have a lot of say. Whether we admit it or not, the peer pressure during highschool was in its peak so to be influenced by friends is inevitable. Entering one’s twenties, parents have a lot of say too. Unlike our teenage days where rebelling was but of a natural act, our parents’ opinions heavily matter. It is also usually because 20s is the age where we need a lot of guidance while overwhelmed with responsibility so introducing the boyfriend to the parents brought in a lot of pressure. But by the time we reach our 30s, we are given more independence and trust by the people around us to make a formative decision on our own. By our 30s, it is really us who has the final say, and we should realize that. Maturity and lessons should have sunk in by 30, thus we won’t repeat mistakes of our past relationships and be able to choose wisely.

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