Men generally have problems understanding women. No wonder it is universally argued that men are from Mars while women are Venusians. As a result of their subtle communication techniques and their wrong perception of the other gender, women have continually expressed genuine concerns that men don’t seem to understand them. While seasoned men who have mastered the coded language ladies use to communicate have no problem picking vital clues to discern what a woman is saying, their inexperienced counterparts still issues decoding the complex verbal and body language our sisters use to pass important messages.

This disparity in communication is best manifested it romantic and even platonic relationships between the opposite genders. With regard to this, how many men can accurately tell that a woman wants to sleep with them? With so many males unable to read the tell-tale signs that a woman wants to have sex with them, the question above often will no doubt engender a plethora of diverse answers, many of them hopelessly inaccurate. As such, this article explores some 10 things that women do or say that men mistake as signs that they want sex. Here’s a rundown of the things you do that can give a guy the wrong impression:


1. You Return His Messages Favorably and Quickly


Most men have been falsely made to believe that a woman has accepted all their demands, including sex, if she responds favorably and quickly to their messages. Whereas a girl who doesn’t admire you sexually won’t answer your messages as effectively, a woman who quickly responds to your texts is practically interested by exciting conversation you are having – not sex. Look for more obvious indications instead of relying solely on your conservative prejudices.