Finding that special someone is something that everyone dreams of. The heartache, confusion, and mystery surrounding the whole affair left many people to wondering whether “soulmates” really exist. Regardless of the experience you have had in the past or the stand you take concerning soulmates, here’s a guide that will help you find the one.

1. Love yourself



Yes! This is one of the most important step towards finding that special someone. Appreciating yourself and treating yourself with honor and respect will make you have an aura that will make people love you. Confident people are more likable, this goes with people who have a positive outlook about themselves. It is important to cultivate love within yourself first so that you can get it from others.

Loving yourself does not mean that you are proud or arrogant in any way. It simply means that you have a healthy self-image. People will tend to get along easily with a person that doesn’t beat themselves down all the time.