Boracay is known as one of the most beautiful beaches, not just in the Philippines but in the world. The fine white sand and crystal blue water houses the ideal getaway for busy city goers. But when the rainy season storms in and the drizzle ruins what could’ve been a bright sunny day, a lot of foreigners are either dismayed or prefer to wait for the next summer season to roll in. But enjoying Boracay’s beaches and sites isn’t solely for the toasty climate, there are still a lot of activities to try out even with a little rain pouring. Here are 10 we’ve accumulated:

1. Try Out Land Activities

Boracay’s shores may be inviting but its land activities are just as fun. When the rain settles down for a while their ATVs are available for everyone, not only do you get to gear up, the trail takes you to Boracay’s peak. There will be a guide to help you track the path up and back down. If you’re a little hesitant driving on your own, there are rides available for two so you can enjoy the sight as a passenger.

090116 Giorgina - Boracay 1a

090116 Giorgina - Boracay 1b