Accept the fact that you can’t change him. Most women feel that they will be the reason for their change or for their man to be a better person; on some level, you may still believe that you can pull it off, but you can’t.

You’re making him the person that he’s not and he doesn’t want to be. Don’t be fooled with the perfect guys in the movies. Bradd Pitt played a lot of a ‘perfect man-like’ roles in some movies but we all know that he’s not in reality.

Women often feel that they are giving so much to their man that they can’t be replaced by any other woman. You’re feeding your mind with so much satisfaction that you thought your man can’t live without you. Let’s get real! The truth is, you are replaceable, and he can always live without you. And the more he will feel the need to separate his life from you if you deprive him to enjoy these things. Let him enjoy the things that he can still enjoy while he’s not yet tied to you. Save the ultimatums when you get married!