Ah, laziness. Typically, many frown upon laziness. It means being unproductive with a side of lack of motivation. But unfortunately, these days many just accept the fact that laziness is just, well, there. Not bothering to change the channel because the remote is so far or not joining friends because it means dressing up, these are just a few examples of lazy girls at heart. But there’s more where that came from. Here are 10 things only girls that are lazy AF can relate to:

1. Sometimes, You Decide Not To Join The Barkada Last Minute Because You’re Too Lazy To Dress Up

Admit it or not, you sometimes sneakily text the barkada, “Uy guys sorry, hindi ako pwede. Something came up” just so you don’t have to tag along. Why? Nothing personal, it simply is because you rather cuddle with your blanket at home or have a bubble bath. Typical lazy girl habit!