Having strict parents can both be a blessing and a curse. They only have the best intention at heart— they love you and they want you to be safe. They’re simply just being protective (sometimes to the point where they almost drive you insane). To them, you’re still the helpless little girl that they need to defend against this big, big world.

But of course, all little girls grow up, meet new friends and eventually, it’s time for some fun girls’ night out. If you have strict parents, asking permission for a gala can be a chore. It needs planning, more planning, bravery, and finally some prayers to see if you get those four words you’re looking for— YES, YOU CAN GO.

Here are ten things girls in the ‘strict-ang-parents-ko’ club can relate to.

1. You’re the absolute best when it comes in finding the right timing

You simply cannot ask either one of them just right off the bat without careful planning. So you find the perfect timing— when either or both of them are in a perfect mood.

That’s when you slowly mention that you have plans while mentally telling yourself to stop being so nervous.