Show business in the Philippines is really challenging. You cannot just be pretty or handsome. Most of the time, talent management organizations search for both beauty and talent. You need to offer something more than just having good looks. Being good-looking isn’t enough today.

But the world knows us Filipinos for being talented. We have witnessed hundreds of Filipinos who joined different international competitions and win in their respective fields. They know that Filipinos love to sing and there are a lot of very good singers here in the Philippines today. Now, let’s look at the 10 talented pinoy actors and actresses who are not only good in acting but also excels in singing.


Daniel Padilla

He is not just an actor but also a recording artist. He is best known as the “Teen King”. Despite his numerous television shows, he also released a three double platinum album here in the Philippines.

One of his iconic songs that keeps the women cheering for him is his famous, “Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat”. Releasing this and the popularity of this song has been one of the highlights of Daniel’s music career.

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