Summer boasts of sunny afternoons, tropical fruit shakes and bright colors. But the loyal monochrome fashionistas aren’t exactly very excited about mixing up their typical black and whites with pops of bright blue, pink or yellow. Good thing fashion trends aren’t biased on any color wheel ad any trend comes in the monochromatic option. Here are 10 summer outfit ideas for the girl that shies away from the color wheel:

1. Asymmetric Play

If you prefer not to play around with color, structure and cuts are a great alternative. Asymmetrical tops are a popular choice, emulate a juxtapose by finding a piece that plays on both long-sleeve and sleeveless. Create texture and interest by swapping an ordinary pair of shorts for a paneled option, khaki shorts are a great alternative from the black to white spectrum. It still steps in a neutral palette without stepping overboard. Because an asymmetrical top tends to exude a dressy vibe, play down the entire outfit by slipping into low-heels ad open toed footwear. Accessorize the entire outfit with penchant of details such as a plain cap, reflective sunnies and a thin strip of choker.