Teka bes, higa ako sa sahig para maganda kuha!”

Does the first line ring a bell? Whether we admit it or not, many of us are really conscious about how our profile picture looks like. Of course, we aim for a pak na pak profile picture, ‘yong tipong mapapaheart si crush. But everyone knows that it’s not easy to achieve a “like-worthy” photo. So for the dedicated BFFs, here are 10 stages we’re sure you can relate to just so your beshie gets the perfect shot.

1. Hahanap Kayo Ng Kabog Na Location

A majority of what makes a good photo is the location, it’s also a big reason why a lot of travellers search for a beautiful background, so they can take beautiful photos. So we’re certain that you and your BFF will go high and low—kahit umakyat ka pa ng bundok or mag kunwaring marunong ka magsurfing—just to get the shot.