10 Spas You Can Bring Your Mom To This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast-approaching. It’s time to give back to the person who has never stopped believing in you. The person who supported you all throughout your childhood, your teenage years, and now your career. Whether you are still studying, working, or already have a family of your own, you can never discredit a mother’s love. Always make your mother feel she’s important, remembered and loved. And what better way to treat her than a day out at a spa? Check out this list of salon spas where you can bring your mom this Mother’s Day:

1. Ace Water Spa

If you’re looking for a complete experience with water treatment, Ace Water Spa has the right equipment for guaranteed relaxation. There’s no doubt your mom will enjoy this place as there are a variety of options she can choose from to help her reduce her stress. They have saunas, soft to hard massages, and hot herbal pools. You and your mom can both enjoy and relax at the same time because relaxation options are for all ages. Ace Water Spa is located in Del 399 Monte Avenue, Quezon City.

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