We all have that one person whom we loved but a.) didn’t love us back, b.) left us, c.) chose somebody else. We just can’t understand why we have to be in situations like that. However, many of us are thankful that we have shoulders to cry on like our friends and family and sometimes, we can even find comfort in listening to music.

Thinking happy thoughts when you’re broken and jaded is indeed a big help but crying your feelings out is also therapeutic. Here’s a list of 10 songs you can relate to kung hindi ikaw ‘yung pinili ng mahal mo; be it over another person, career, or other reasons he/she may have:

1. Malaya by Moira Dela Torre

Ever felt tired of waiting for someone who seems like never gonna come? “Malaya” is about a girl who chose to let go instead of holding on after growing out of waiting. From the title itself, it’s gist is “Malaya ka na.”

“Pasensya na,
kung papatulugin na muna
ang pusong napagod