10 Situations That Will Make You Say “Tara, inom!”

If you’re one of the people who thinks that inuman is the solution to every problem there is, cheers! Alcohol may not be able to solve our problems but at least it can help us forget for a little while; some sort of a temporary cure, right? While some people think that only special occasions call for an inuman session, we believe that ordinary days with extraordinary happenings call for the need of alcohol, and good company of course.

Here are 10 situations that’ll drive you to call your squad and blurt out “Tara, inom!”:

1. Mababang Grades

All of us—grade-conscious or not—don’t want to see the big red mark on your test papers, so it’s okay to get a little bit depressed when the odds aren’t in your favor when it comes to your academic life. They say college is preparing you for the “real world” but you know that as long as you have alcohol by your side, you can survive whatever world it might be! Just remember to get back on track after a few shots… or not so few, maybe?

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