Wala daw forever sa love, pero baka sa friendship mayroon.

Let’s face it, it’s hard to find a real friend these days. It’s easy to make acquaintances—people who will get you by a party of a phase in your life—but to find a friend or beshie rather, that would stay until the end is definitely a pickle. But there are those who are lucky enough to bump into someone who are for keeps. Her’s 10 signs that you’ve found a beshie for life:

1. She’s Already Dubbed You As Her Future Maid Of Honor

With or without a love life, your beshie plans to keep you around if she already foresees you in her future. And what’s a bigger role in her life (aside from being her bestfriend), than being her maid of honor? It means she truly values you as someone who will be part of her life in the long run.