There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. Reality tells us that we’re bound to encounter problems that will challenge the foundation of every relationship. It may be caused by work, finances, lack of communication, or other unforeseen issues, but no matter what, it’s always important to stay strong together.

As a married couple, one is not only bounded by love, but also by a sacred union – making it all the more important to work on differences and/or problems together. Through this manner, we are able to learn more about one another – thus molding a stronger relationship.

However, it’s not always easy to commit to working on the relationship when your partner is half-hearted. More often than not, your husband is bound to hide something that he has no plans of telling you – which is a big problem. By doing this, he may be indirectly sending a message that he’s taking your trust and relationship for granted.

History tells us that men aren’t that good at hiding secrets – especially extra marital affairs. Some red flags to look out for include: sudden behavioral changes, lack of affection, and uncharacteristic “overtimes”, among others.

To help you go through your marital guessing game, here are 10 signs that your husband is having an affair:

1. He’s Constantly Missing From Your Family

Truth be told, a faithful husband would always love to spend time with his family, simply because spending quality family times make a family happy. That’s why it’s suspicious for your husband to be missing out on precious bonding moments with your family without a valid reason.