The thought of marriage brings out different reactions from different people. For some, marriage is a scary experience while others perceive marriage as a sacred union where you live happily forever after.

Whatever the opinion you have on marriage, we can all agree to the fact that it is never easy to determine the right time to get married. Men are a bit advantaged since their chemistry allows them to take matters lightly and accept situations quickly, hence can marry and not get worried as such. Ladies, on the other hand, handle the issue of marriage very seriously. It is not surprising to find a woman in her late 40’s not yet married for the simple reason that they are yet to find the right man.

There is help after all for the ladies out there dating but are not sure of the right time to get married. Some activities that take place while in a relationship can be a pointer to whether you ready to get married or not. The following are some signs that you are ready to get married.

1. You Are Confident And Proud Of Your Partner

When you are not ashamed to introduce your man to family and friends, then that shows you are comfortable with your partner. Being proud of your partner is essential since this is the person that is going to be by your side for the rest of your life. You wouldn’t want to be caught up in a married life where you are uncomfortable, even when walking with your partner on the streets.