Mayday! Mayday! You caught some feelings. Remember when you told yourself that you are never going to fall for anyone ever again? For the longest time, you were so bitter about the past that you let it haunt you. It’s a good thing your guy best friend is here to save the day! Having a guy best friend is the best! He is always there to listen to all your girl drama, rants, and what-not’s. This guy knows every bit about you and he is straightforward when it comes to giving you advice. He already knows how short your temper is and what to do when you are feeling sad. Everything is going well and your friendship is stronger than ever and then one day, you wake up and you already have feelings for him. What do you do now?

Here are some telltale signs that you have fallen in love with your friend:

1. You Already Find Him Attractive

Remember when you used to call him “panget” or “palito?” Well, that guy is now your dream guy. You have already accepted him for who he is and all his flaws. Everything he does is beautiful and you just can’t see anything wrong with him.