Roll call, ladies! I’m sure those who are in their early 20s feels like they have changed or still changing. Probably from the way you look, what hobbies you involve yourself into, or just simply what kind of drink you prefer during a late night. Being a tita is becoming a trend nowadays – are you the chill type or the savage one?

To help you check out the signs if you’re becoming a full-blown tita, we listed 10 of them; and if you can relate – official tita ka na!


You have a sossy shoulder bag you can bring on-the-go.

You cannot go outside without your weapons – lipstick, wipes, tissue, powder, medicine, and pamaypay! You tend to be the girl scout/mommy within your group because you have everything they need, packed inside that sophisticated bag of yours.

Your bag is probably one of the most important things you bring with you, aside from your phone, wallet, and ATM/credit cards. When there’s a sale online or in one of your favorite stores, having that designer bag is a must.