Being in a relationship is pleasurable but not when it goes on and on without moving on to the next step. Some men will keep you glued on to the relationship even when they actually do not intend to marry you. Due to the emotional value girls attach to a relationship and find it hard to accept that the affair is going nowhere.

Come on girl, understand the mindset of a man. Its high time you started thinking like a man and acting like a lady. Before you get your hopes high, try and understand what men think about relationships, love, intimacy and marriage. Here are ten signs that he is not going to marry you no matter how long you hang around.

1. He Never Tells You He Loves You

This should be the number one sign that things are not moving towards the right direction. For a man who truly loves you the “I love you “sentence should come out naturally. If your boyfriend is the kind that wants you to be the one reassuring him of love then you need to think twice. Love is what drives a long term relationship. It is the true love you share that would drive the passion and desire to get married.

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