Men aren’t always as vocal as women. They tend to keep things to their selves and they don’t want to tell everyone what’s constantly going through their minds, especially when it comes to their feelings. Men always give very specific signs when they’re not interested with someone or a date. If you can pick up the signs that they are showing, you’ll be much better off. But often times, girls don’t easily get it so they tend to push their selves to a guy that ends up not that interested in them. Check out if your date falls under any of these signs or if this can serve as your wake up call.

1. He’s not around and he makes no effort to be with you

If a person likes you, you’ll see it with the way he puts effort to spend time with you. He’ll probably choose to sacrifice something just to give you a little of his time and he’s willing to defy anything just to make you feel important. So if he’s not showing any of those, then maybe you should start keeping your distance.