We all have our own fair share of personal secrets, even men. Especially men.

Fathers, brothers, boyfriends or male best friends actually have things in their mind that they can’t tell to their loved ones and expresses it by buying you McDonalds or cookies or by saying the “How are you” and “Are you okay” line over and over again until you omit the fact that that’s his way of actually trying to ACTUALLY know how are you and not a line that he just keeps on saying for no apparent reason.


You want to understand your man better? WORRY NOT! We got you covered.

1. We’re not strong, really

We really aren’t strong. Physically, a bit… but emotionally? We’re actually very weak. Words actually hurt us more than punches and our tough exterior is really just a facade. The strongest, muscular man can be defeated by the sweetest, sincerest words. Be careful not to randomly lash out. We forget things quick, yes, but a part of it stays with us.