You are either the absolute fan that loved Paramore since you were in your pre-teen years (meaning you probably had an emo phase listening to the hardcore vocals of Decode) or simply a curious one that is just looking forward to see Hayley Williams’ different hair styles and color throughout the years.

Either way, you won’t be disappointed because you’ll probably end up being nostalgic. Have Paramore’s entire discography ready just in case you want to binge-listen to them after reading this. Here are 10 hair colors that Hayley Williams rocked.


1. The Cherry Red Hair from Decode

Let’s start with the classic red hair Hayley had in Decode’s official music video. This hair color is one of the most familiar one that even non-fans can recall Hayley having.

If you got into the Twilight craze featuring sparkly vampires, you know how hard it is to sing like Hayley, red hair or not.